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PO Box 6169
Lakewood, CA 90714-6169
CST# 2079348-40

Arizona MLB Spring Training

Arizona MLB Spring Training

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Package Prices and Features
All prices are per person in USD and include tax - Extra Night rate includes hotel, car and taxes.

Children under 16: With two paying adults at double, up to two children may travel at 50% off base package.

Extra Nights, Options and Ticket Upgrades are offered FROM the prices shown; Please consult your travel professional for the current pricing.

After Jan 15th possible surcharge of $100 per person/day

Package Price Extra Nights From
(With Ticket)
Extra Nights From
(No Ticket)
Double Occupancy
$495 $165 $125
Single Occupancy
$750 $290 $250
Triple Occupancy
$395 $140 $100
Quad Occupancy
$350 $120 $80
Ticket Upgrade Infield Box Tickets From $100

Spring Training Game Land Features

2015 Game Schedule
Indians at Reds
Giants at Athletics
Dbacks at Rockies
Royals at Rangers
As at Giants
Padres at Mariners
White Sox at Dodgers
Reds at Indians
Rockies at Dbacks
Padres at Mariners
Cubs at Giants
Brewers at Angels
Rangers at Royals
Dodgers at White Sox
Indians at Reds
As at Cubs
As at Dbacks
Giants at Rangers
White Sox at Padres
Dodgers at Brewers
Mariners at Dodgers
Rockies at Angels
Royals at Indians
Reds at Cubs
Cubs at Rockies
Dbacks at Mariners
Dodgers at Indians
Angels at As
Rangers at Brewers
Reds at Royals
Mariners at White Sox
Padres at Giants
Mariners at Reds
Rangers at Cubs
Giants at Dbacks
Indians at Rangers
Dbacks at Giants
White Sox at As
Brewers at Dodgers
Royals at Angels
Rockies at Padres
Padres at Cubs
Angels at Reds
As at Rangers
Royals at Brewers
Reds at Rockies
Dbacks at White Sox
Dodgers at Giants
Indians at Mariners
Giants at Padres
Cubs at Indians
Mariners at Rockies
White Sox at Royals
Rangers at Angels
Rockies at Dodgers
Reds at Brewers
Dbacks at As
Rangers at White Sox
Padres at Royals
Indians at As
Rockies at Mariners
Dodgers at Cubs
Angels at Dbacks
Brewers at Giants
Royals at Reds
Reds at Dbacks
Royals at Indians
White Sox at Rangers
Dodgers at Padres
Mariners at As
Cubs at Angels
Giants at White Sox
Rockies at Brewers
Dbacks at Indians
Indians at Cubs
Rangers at Giants
Brewers at Mariners*
Padres at Angels
White Sox at Rockies
As at Royals
Reds at Dodgers*
Mariners at Dbacks
Rockies at Reds
Giants at Dbacks*
Rangers at Padres
Giants at As
Indians at Dodgers
Angels at Royals
Cubs at Brewers
White Sox at Angels
Padres at Indians
Reds at Cubs
Brewers at Rangers
Royals at Rockies
Angels at White Sox
Dbacks at Giants
Dodgers at Mariners
As at Brewers
White Sox at Dbacks
As at Dodgers
Rangers at Angels
Indians at Royals
Giants at Reds
Padres at Cubs
Royals at Cubs
Reds at Indians
Padres at As
Mariners at White Sox
Brewers at Padres
Angels at Rockies
Dbacks at Giants
Dodgers at Rangers
White Sox at Reds
Dbacks at Rockies*
Mariners at Rockies
Brewers at Royals*
Cubs at Dodgers
As at Mariners
Giants at Brewers
Rangers at Reds
Rockies at Royals
Angels at Dodgers
Cubs at Dbacks
Indians at Mariners*
Royals at Padres*
Dodger at As
Dbacks at Brewers
Cubs at White Sox
Mariners at Rangers
As at Rockies
Angels at Indians*
Reds at Giants*
Reds at As
Brewers at Rangers
Dbacks at Padres
Giants at Angels
Dodgers at Rockies
Rockies at Indians
Royals at White Sox
Mariners at Cubs
Angels at Giants
As at Reds
Padres at Cubs
Giants at Royals
Rockies at Dbacks
Indians at Dodgers
White Sox at Brewers
Rangers at Mariners
Dbacks at Dodgers
Reds at Rangers*
White Sox at Padres
Mariners at Angels
As at Indians
Royals at Giants
Brewers at Rockies
Mariners at Padres
Giants at Indians*
Angels at Rangers
Rockies at White Sox
Brewers at Dbacks*
Cubs at As
Indians at Angels
White Sox at Royals*
Giants at Rockies
Rangers at Reds*
Cubs at Mariners
As at Brewers
Padres at Dodgers
Mariners at Brewers
Rockies at Rangers*
Reds at Indians
Angels at Cubs
Padres at Dbacks
Royals at Mariners
Dodgers at White Sox
As at Giants*
Indians at Dbacks
Rockies at Padres*
Rangers at As
Giants at Dodgers*
Dbacks at Angels
Mariners at Royals
White Sox at Cubs
Brewers at Reds*
Cubs at Reds
As at White Sox
Dodgers at Angels
Indians at Brewers
Royals at Dbacks
Giants at Mariners
Padres at Rangers
Rockies at Cubs
Brewers at As
Rangers at Dodgers
Reds at Angels
Cubs at Royals
Dbacks at Rockies
White Sox at Indians
Mariners at Padres
Dodgers at Giants
Indians at White Sox
Rockies at As
Giants at Cubs
Dodgers at Dbacks
Padres at Reds
Royals at Rangers
Angels at Mariners
As at Angels
Rangers at Dbacks
Reds at Brewers
Mariners at Indians
Dodgers at White Sox
Cubs at Rangers
Royals at Padres*
Rockies at Giants
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