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NFL Regular Season

Package Prices and Features
All prices are per person in USD and include tax - Extra Night rate includes hotel, car and taxes.

Children under 16: With two paying adults at double, up to two children may travel at 50% off base package.

All Bowl Game requests are handled on a individual basis and are quoted FROM the pricing shown -

Please consult your travel professional for last minute updates!
Arizona Cardinals
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Cleveland Browns
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
Oakland Raiders
Saint Louis Rams
Tennessee Titans
Home Games from $450 per person/double
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions
Indianapolis Colts
New York Giants
New York Jets
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Redskins
Home Games from $500 per person/double
Green Bay Packers
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
Home Games from $550 per person/double
These games add $100 per person ~ Packers @ 49ers; 49ers @ Seahawks; Raiders @ Broncos; Patriots @ Falcons; Texans @ 49ers; Broncos @ Colts; Redskins @ Broncos; Packers @ Vikings; Cowboys @ Saints; Packers @ Giants; Broncos @ Patriots; 49ers @ Redskins; Seahawks @ 49ers; Patriots @ Ravens; Falcons @ 49ers; Packers @ Bears

NFL Regular Season Land Features
•Two nights hotel accommodations (Hampton Inn, Courtyard by Marriott or similar)
•Upper Level End Zone game ticket
•Two days (48 hours) compact car rental
•All state and local taxes
•Game ticket upgrades available and quoted after deposit
•All games and dates subject to availability

Extra Nights From $125 per person include hotel, car and local taxes

Important Information
All NFL regular season games are handled on an individual basis and are quoted NET. If you would like us to provide a firm quote, we require a non-refundable deposit of $50 per request. We require this deposit for products not in our brochure because to put this package together on your behalf we incur costs including staff time. Please Note - for credit card payment you need to add 5% per person to your gross price. Package price may increase by no more than $100 from the above estimate, but if it does and your clients choose not to travel, their deposit will be refunded. We will fax your quote within 72 hours of receiving the deposit, however space is not guaranteed until an additional deposit equaling 50% of the package price is received. The initial $50 deposit will be applied to the booking and final payment is due 60 days prior to departure. If your clients would like to proceed, please fill out the attached Form to agree to the terms, and fax back for the $50 deposit. After we provide you with the firm price, you may make payment by agency check and mail to the address on the bottom of the form, or payment can be made by credit card. All payments are nonrefundable and all terms on the back of Sports Empire's brochure or under The Fine Print on this website also apply.

Thu Sep 05 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Ravens at Broncos 8:30 pm
Sun Sep 08 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Titans at Steelers 1:00 pm
Patriots at Bills 1:00 pm
Seahawks at Panthers 1:00 pm
Bengals at Bears 1:00 pm
Dolphins at Browns 1:00 pm
Vikings at Lions 1:00 pm
Raiders at Colts 1:00 pm
Chiefs at Jaguars 1:00 pm
Falcons at Saints 1:00 pm
Bucs at Jets 1:00 pm
Cardinals at Rams 4:15 pm
Packers at 49ers 4:15 pm
Giants at Cowboys 10:15 pm
Mon Sep 09 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Eagles at Redskins 7:00 pm
Texans at Chargers 10:15 pm
Thu Sep 12 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Jets at Patriots 8:15 pm
Sun Sep 15 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Rams at Falcons 1:00 pm
Browns at Ravens 1:00 pm
Panthers at Bills 1:00 pm
Vikings at Bears 1:00 pm
Redskins at Packers 1:00 pm
Titans at Texans 1:00 pm
Dolphins at Colts 1:00 pm
Cowboys at Chiefs 1:00 pm
Chargers at Eagles 1:00 pm
Lions at Cardinals 4:00 pm
Saints at Bucs 4:00 pm
Broncos at Giants 4:15 pm
Jaguars at Raiders 4:15 pm
49ers at Seahawks 8:20 pm
Mon Sep 16 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Steelers at Bengals 8:30 pm
Thu Sep 19 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Chiefs at Eagles 8:15 pm
Sun Sep 22 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Texans at Ravens 1:00 pm
Packers at Bengals 1:00 pm
Giants at Panthers 1:00 pm
Rams at Cowboys 1:00 pm
Browns at Vikings 1:00 pm
Bucs at Patriots 1:00 pm
Cardinals at Saints 1:00 pm
Chargers at Titans 1:00 pm
Lions at Redskins 1:00 pm
Falcons at Dolphins 4:05 pm
Bills at Dolphins 4:15 pm
Colts at 49ers 4:15 pm
Jaguars at Seahawks 4:15 pm
Bears at Steelers 8:15 pm
Mon Sep 23 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Raiders at Broncos 8:30 pm
Thu Sep 26 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
49ers at Rams 8:15 pm
Sun Sep 29 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Ravens at Bills 1:00 pm
Bengals at Browns 1:00 pm
Bears at Lions 1:00 pm
Seahawks at Texans 1:00 pm
Colts at Jaguars 1:00 pm
Giants at Chiefs 1:00 pm
Steelers vs. Vikings (London) 1:00 pm
Cardinals at Bucs 1:00 pm
Jets at Titans 4:05 pm
Eagles at Broncos 4:05 pm
Redskins at Raiders 4:15 pm
Cowboys at Chargers 4:15 pm
Patriots at Falcons 8:15 pm
Byes: Panthers, Packers
Mon Sep 30 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Dolphins at Saints 8:30 pm
Mon Sep 30 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Jets at Falcons 8:30 pm
Thu Oct 03 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Bills at Browns 8:15 pm
Sun Oct 06 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Saints at Bears 1:00 pm
Patriots at Bengals 1:00 pm
Lions at Packers 1:00 pm
Seahawks at Colts 1:00 pm
Ravens at Dolphins 1:00 pm
Eagles at Giants 1:00 pm
Jaguars at Rams 1:00 pm
Chiefs at Titans 1:00 pm
Panthers at Cardinals 4:15 pm
Broncos at Cowboys 4:15 pm
Chargers at Raiders 4:15 pm
Texans at 49ers 8:15 pm
Byes: Vikings, Steelers, Buccaneers, Redskins
Thu Oct 10 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Giants at Bears 8:15 pm
Sun Oct 13 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Packers at Ravens 1:00 pm
Bengals at Bills 1:00 pm
Lions at Browns 1:00 pm
Rams at Texans 1:00 pm
Raiders at Chiefs 1:00 pm
Panthers at Vikings 1:00 pm
Steelers at Jets 1:00 pm
Eagles at Bucs 1:00 pm
Jaguars at Broncos 4:05 pm
Titans at Seahawks 4:15 pm
Saints at Patriots 4:15 pm
Cardinals at 49ers 4:15 pm
Redskins at Cowboys 8:30 pm
Byes: Falcons, Dolphins
Mon Oct 14 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Colts at Chargers 8:30 pm
Thu Oct 17 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Seahawks at Cardinals 8:15 pm
Sun Oct 20 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Bucs at Falcons 1:00 pm
Rams at Panthers 1:00 pm
Bengals at Lions 1:00 pm
Chargers at Jaguars 1:00 pm
Texans at Chiefs 1:00 pm
Bills at Dolphins 1:00 pm
Patriots at Jets 1:00 pm
Cowboys at Eagles 1:00 pm
Bears at Redskins 1:00 pm
Ravens at Steelers 4:15 pm
49ers at Titans 4:15 pm
Browns at Packers 4:15 pm
Byes: Saints, Raiders
Mon Oct 21 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Broncos at Colts 8:30 pm
Mon Oct 31 2011
Matchup Time (ET)
Byes: Ravens, Bears, Texans, Colts, Chargers, Titans
Thu Oct 24 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Panthers at Bucs 8:15 pm
Sun Oct 27 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Cowboys at Lions 1:00 pm
49ers vs. Jaguars (London) 1:00 pm
Browns at Chiefs 1:00 pm
Dolphins at Patriots 1:00 pm
Bills at Saints 1:00 pm
Giants at Eagles 1:00 pm
Steelers at Raiders 4:00 pm
Jets at Bengals 4:00 pm
Falcons at Cardinals 4:15 pm
Redskins at Broncos 4:15 pm
Packers at Vikings 8:30 pm
Mon Oct 28 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Seahawks at Rams 8:30 pm
Sun Nov 06 2011
Matchup Time (ET)
Byes: Cardinals, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Giants, 49ers
Thu Oct 31 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Bengals at Dolphins 8:15 pm
Sun Nov 03 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Chiefs at Bills 1:00 pm
Falcons at Panthers 1:00 pm
Vikings at Cowboys 1:00 pm
Saints at Jets 1:00 pm
Titans at Rams 1:00 pm
Chargers at Redskins 1:00 pm
Eagles at Raiders 4:00 pm
Bucs at Seahawks 4:00 pm
Ravens at Browns 4:05 pm
Steelers at Patriots 4:15 pm
Colts at Texans 8:30 pm
Mon Nov 04 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Bears at Packers 8:30 pm
Thu Nov 07 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Redskins at Vikings 8:15 pm
Sun Nov 10 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Byes: Browns, Chiefs, Patriots, Jets 12:00 am
Seahawks at Falcons 1:00 pm
Bengals at Ravens 1:00 pm
Lions at Bears 1:00 pm
Eagles at Packers 1:00 pm
Rams at Colts 1:00 pm
Raiders at Giants 1:00 pm
Bills at Steelers 1:00 pm
Jaguars at Titans 1:00 pm
Panthers at 49ers 4:05 pm
Texans at Cardinals 4:05 pm
Broncos at Chargers 4:05 pm
Cowboys at Saints 8:15 pm
Mon Nov 11 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Dolphins at Bucs 8:20 pm
Mon Nov 21 2011
Matchup Time (ET)
Byes: Cowboys, Rams
Thu Nov 14 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Colts at Titans 8:15 pm
Sun Nov 17 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Jets at Bills 1:00 pm
Ravens at Bears 1:00 pm
Browns at Bengals 1:00 pm
Raiders at Texans 1:00 pm
Cardinals at Jaguars 1:00 pm
Chargers at Dolphins 1:00 pm
Redskins at Eagles 1:00 pm
Lions at Steelers 1:00 pm
Falcons at Bucs 1:00 pm
Chiefs at Broncos 4:05 pm
Vikings at Seahawks 4:15 pm
49ers at Saints 4:15 pm
Packers at Giants 8:15 pm
Mon Nov 18 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Patriots at Panthers 8:30 pm
Thu Nov 21 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Saints at Falcons 8:15 pm
Sun Nov 24 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Byes: Bills, Bengals, Eagles, Seahawks 12:00 am
Jets at Ravens 1:00 pm
Steelers at Browns 1:00 pm
Bucs at Lions 1:00 pm
Vikings at Packers 1:00 pm
Jaguars at Texans 1:00 pm
Chargers at Chiefs 1:00 pm
Panthers at Dolphins 1:00 pm
Bears at Rams 1:00 pm
Colts at Cardinals 4:00 pm
Titans at Raiders 4:00 pm
Cowboys at Giants 4:15 pm
Broncos at Patriots 8:30 pm
Mon Nov 25 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
49ers at Redskins 8:30 pm
Thu Nov 28 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Packers at Lions 12:30 pm
Raiders at Cowboys 4:30 pm
Steelers at Ravens 8:30 pm
Sun Dec 01 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Bucs at Panthers 1:00 pm
Jaguars at Browns 1:00 pm
Titans at Colts 1:00 pm
Broncos at Chiefs 1:00 pm
Bears at Vikings 1:00 pm
Dolphins at Jets 1:00 pm
Cardinals at Eagles 1:00 pm
Falcons vs. Bills (Toronto) 4:05 pm
Rams at 49ers 4:15 pm
Patriots at Texans 4:15 pm
Bengals at Chargers 4:15 pm
Giants at Redskins 8:15 pm
Mon Dec 02 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Saints at Seahawks 8:30 pm
Thu Dec 05 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Texans at Jaguars 8:15 pm
Sun Dec 08 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Vikings at Ravens 1:00 pm
Colts at Bengals 1:00 pm
Browns at Patriots 1:00 pm
Raiders at Jets 1:00 pm
Panthers at Saints 1:00 pm
Lions at Eagles 1:00 pm
Dolphins at Steelers 1:00 pm
Bills at Bucs 1:00 pm
Chiefs at Redskins 1:00 pm
Titans at Broncos 4:05 pm
Rams at Cardinals 4:05 pm
Giants at Chargers 4:15 pm
Seahawks at 49ers 4:15 pm
Falcons at Packers 8:15 pm
Mon Dec 09 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Cowboys at Bears 8:30 pm
Thu Dec 12 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Chargers at Broncos 8:20 pm
Sun Dec 15 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Redskins at Falcons 1:00 pm
Bears at Browns 1:00 pm
Texans at Colts 1:00 pm
Bills at Jaguars 1:00 pm
Patriots at Dolphins 1:00 pm
Eagles at Vikings 1:00 pm
Saints at Rams 1:00 pm
49ers at Bucs 1:00 pm
Cardinals at Titans 1:00 pm
Seahawks at Giants 1:00 pm
Jets at Panthers 4:15 pm
Chiefs at Raiders 4:15 pm
Packers at Cowboys 4:15 pm
Bengals at Steelers 8:20 pm
Mon Dec 16 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Ravens at Lions 8:30 pm
Sun Dec 22 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Dolphins at Bills 1:00 pm
Saints at Panthers 1:00 pm
Vikings at Bengals 1:00 pm
Broncos at Texans 1:00 pm
Titans at Jaguars 1:00 pm
Colts at Chiefs 1:00 pm
Browns at Jets 1:00 pm
Bears at Eagles 1:00 pm
Bucs at Rams 1:00 pm
Cowboys at Redskins 1:00 pm
Giants at Lions 4:00 pm
Cardinals at Seahawks 4:00 pm
Steelers at Packers 4:15 pm
Raiders at Chargers 4:15 pm
Patriots at Ravens 8:30 pm
Mon Dec 23 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Falcons at 49ers 8:30 pm
Sun Dec 29 2013
Matchup Time (ET)
Panthers at Falcons 1:00 pm
Packers at Bears 1:00 pm
Ravens at Bengals 1:00 pm
Eagles at Cowboys 1:00 pm
Jaguars at Colts 1:00 pm
Jets at Dolphins 1:00 pm
Lions at Vikings 1:00 pm
Bills at Patriots 1:00 pm
Bucs at Saints 1:00 pm
Redskins at Giants 1:00 pm
Browns at Steelers 1:00 pm
Texans at Titans 1:00 pm
49ers at Cardinals 4:15 pm
Broncos at Raiders 4:15 pm
Chiefs at Chargers 4:15 pm
Rams at Seahawks 4:15 pm